CIDON participates in the furnishing and installation of the furniture for Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* in Málaga

Madrid, 10 March 2022. CIDON Interior Design & Contract, experts in interior architecture and decoration, as well as in FF&E and OS&E equipment management for the hotel sector, has participated with the interior designer and decorator Alejandra Pombo in the equipment, logistics and installation of the furniture for the rooms of Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5*.

The hotel has undergone a transformation and has been redecorated in its entirety, implementing a modern and fresh style, characteristic of Vincci Hoteles, and returning its purest essence to this hotel steeped in history, which houses the best preserved section of the city wall. The renovation is part of the hotel chain’s commitment to offering the highest quality to its guests, both in terms of service and facilities, and to constantly updating its accommodation in line with new trends, needs and travel lifestyles. The location is also a highlight, the historic centre of Malaga, with easy and direct access to all the most important spots in Malaga.

A building with history
The accommodation is built on the site of two old buildings, one of which was one of the last inns that existed in Malaga: La Posada del Patio and the other was a residential building in which the façade from the early 20th century has been preserved. The establishment was rebuilt in its entirety, respecting the courtyard that gave it its name and an old entrance hall that corresponded to the entrance from Camas Street. Under both buildings were found the remains of the Arab wall of Malaga and the remains of the old Puerta del Río. It is the largest and best preserved section of the Moorish wall and the unique that can be visited on both sides, where you can walk along the old city’s coastal path.

It was discovered while the hotel was being built between 2007 and 2008. The integration of the wall into the establishment was the most difficult option, but nevertheless the one that was chosen in order to recover this monument of great historical value for the city. This was decided as part of the chain’s commitment to recovering historical buildings to bring them back to life and integrate them back into the city. An exhaustive work was carried out by the archaeologists who catalogued both the remains and all the pieces that appeared, some of which were exhibited in the hotel itself. The result is the integration of the wall into the establishment, allowing anyone who wishes to visit this section to do so. It is included in the visits recommended by Malaga City Council. In addition, the establishment allows the opportunity to hold special events or evenings at the wall, undoubtedly a different and unforgettable setting.

The project
Vincci Hoteles is committed to exclusive design, the latest technology, personalisation, the best team of professionals and the most modern management techniques in the world of hospitality in order to show the client a renewed image. The hotels are always located in unique locations, which has allowed the company to experience continuous growth, both nationally and internationally. Since its creation in 2001, Vincci Hoteles has achieved in a short period of time a vertiginous positioning among the 4 and 5 star hotels, with 39 hotels in the Spanish, Portuguese, Tunisian and Greek markets.

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio

The CIDON team formed by María Angélica Gaggia as Project Manager, Moisés Villagrán as interior designer and Ezequiel Ferreras as assembly manager has been immersed in this project during the furnishing of the 106 rooms. The chromatic tones chosen by the decorator, greens, blues, greys and pinks are present in the equipment and furniture in all the rooms, and harmonise with the natural surroundings, the city gardens, the Mediterranean sea and its sunrises.

In this specific project, CIDON has carried out both furnishing and construction work in collaboration with different trades in Malaga (marble workers, painters, etc.). The work of dismantling furniture, repairing vertical walls and applying smooth plastic paint to vertical and horizontal walls were all carried out by CIDON.

The hotel remained open to the public throughout the work and the delivery deadlines were respected and even brought forward up to 12 days ahead of schedule.

About CIDON Interior Design & Contract: For 25 years, thanks to the strength of a team made up of architects, interior architects and specialists in purchasing, logistics, art, design, lighting and project management, CIDON has traced a rich professional career in large national and international projects. CIDON is one of the most prestigious studios in interior architecture and decoration, as well as in FF&E and OS&E equipment management, always in constant evolution.

About Vincci Hoteles: Vincci Hoteles is a hotel brand backed by the experience of the Calero family, with more than fifty years of experience in the sector, and with a portfolio of 39 hotels in Spain (29 hotels), Portugal (4 hotels), Tunisia (5 hotels) and Greece (1 hotel). Since its foundation in 2001, the company has experienced continuous growth both nationally and internationally in the luxury hotel segment. The company is committed to a business model of four- and five-star establishments with an excellent location, top quality service and in which each project has its own personality. Vincci Hoteles does not standardise its hotels, but rather its services, respecting the personality of each hotel, adapting it to the environment and the culture of the place. The company provides its hotels with sophisticated and exclusive services designed to meet the specific needs of each client and turn their stay into a unique and singular experience. It is also ISO 14001 certified, for the integration of quality and environmental management in each of its hotels. With a clear commitment to design and the use of the most modern management techniques in the world of hospitality, the chain works with a clear objective: to provide its guests with an authentic Vincci experience.