CIDON presents its completed project at Room Mate Leo Hotel

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CIDON Interior Design & hotel recepción Contract – Experts in interior architecture and decoration, as well as in FF&E and OS&E equipment management for the hotel sector, presents its FF&E project carried out in the rooms of the boutique hotel, Room Mate Leo, in the heart of Granada.

The hotel chain Room Mate Hotels, owned by the investment fund Angelo Gordon and the organization Westmont Hospitality, entrusted the execution of the interior design project of the 35 rooms and the lobby of the new hotel Room Mate Leo in Granada to CIDON Interior Design & Contract. CIDON’s work consisted of supplying the FF&E, planning and coordinating logistics, and furniture installation. They turned the idea into action, bringing the project from paper to physical space. The project started in May 2021 and was completed in October 2022.

Room Mate Leo lobby

The Project

Among the added values by CIDON is, first, the experience gained in FF&E consulting tasks and customization of purchasing management with each supplier. Second, the flexibility that favored the coordination of work with other consultants involved in the project. And third, the ability to adapt to circumstances.

The virtue has been to understand and coordinate what Room Mate needed for this project, fostering excellent relationships both with the client and with suppliers and other parties involved in the project. The most relevant spatial action at Room Mate Leo was to develop the equipment process in different areas successfully, creating warm, welcoming, and distinguished spaces worthy of a hotel of this caliber.

junior suite

Eva Verde, interior architect, and Project Manager at CIDON, was in charge of leading this project. The equipment of the different areas of the hotel has been carefully chosen, creating cozy and elegant atmospheres that reflect the quality of a first-class hotel. CIDON has complied with the quality and finishing standards required by the hotel chain, taking care of the material selection.

In addition to the complexity of adapting the design project, CIDON highlights the thorough logistics coordination work, from the initial custom manufacturing processes and the careful selection of manufacturers, through their subsequent transportation and unloading at the hotel, to the final phase of assembly in their respective places.

The result obtained after the completion of the project is highly satisfactory, both internally, where everything worked perfectly, and externally with the other teams involved, as well as with the client.