CIDON is responsible for the interior design project of Latroupe La Granja, the renovated hostel located in the center of Bilbao.

LATROUPE La Granja, is a boutique hostel that conveys the essence of the city and preserves the spirit of the old art nouveau literary cafe that housed the first floor of the building from 1926 to 2007.

Madrid, March 7, 2022. CIDON Interior Design & Contract, experts in interior architecture and decoration, as well as in FF&E and OS&E equipment management for the hotel sector, has carried out the interior design remodeling of one of the hostels of the European chain Latroupe: La Granja, in Bilbao.

Located in the old building that housed the classic Café La Granja, the hostel has been remodeled by CIDON under the commission of Azora and following the project of GCA Architecture.
The former Café La Granja was originally built in 1891 by the architect Severino Achucarro and was located at number two of Bilbao’s Plaza Circular, in the heart of the city, until 2007, when it was converted into a hostel.

Currently Latroupe, La Granja has been completely renovated, and thanks to CIDON’s interior design project, guests can stay in a space with a completely renovated and much fresher image, but retaining the origins, magic and art nouveau style of what was the cultural epicenter of the city at the time.

Today, Latroupe’s hybrid proposal, La Granja, does not fit into any old label. This space could be defined as a houstel as it combines the best of each world: it mixes the adventurous atmosphere of a hostel, the comfort of a high-end hotel and the convenience of a home, with rooms that are tailored to the needs of each guest, always offering a close view of the city that allows you to experience the destination like a true local.

Concerts, exhibitions, wine tastings, etc. are held every day at Latroupe La Granja. CIDON has carried out an interior design project whose goal was to ensure that all the facilities allow these activities to be carried out with the greatest possible convenience, proximity and comfort.

With the aim of continuing to collaborate with Azora, CIDON, a leading company in the sector, embarked on this project to demonstrate once again that it could offer a service of the highest quality. The challenge this time was to preserve the magic of an old building, but give the space freshness and contemporary airs, keeping the essence combining the classic with a more industrial style.

We sought to enter a building from another era and adapt it, technically and aesthetically with precision and, excellently, to work according to the schedule and planning of the construction company, making all the furniture to measure, despite the complexity that this entails.

The project carried out by CIDON, carried out in phases and executed under each point requested by the company, in accordance with the GCA project, has supplied the furniture, managed the logistics and the installation of all the common parts and the decorative part of the rooms, always maintaining the relationship of the spaces designed in the project and their original state. The result has been a restored building with accommodation for 200 people in 52 different rooms.

CIDON has achieved that the common areas keep certain aesthetic winks linked to the industrial aspect of Bilbao. The distribution and finishes of the common areas have resulted in small spaces very well used, thus achieving a perfect harmony.

About CIDON Interior Design & Contract: For 25 years, thanks to the strength of a team composed of architects, interior architects and specialists in purchasing, logistics, art, design, lighting and project management, CIDON has traced a rich professional trajectory in large national and international projects. CIDON is one of the most prestigious studios in interior architecture and decoration, as well as in FF&E and OS&E equipment management, always in constant evolution.

About Azora: Azora Group (“Azora”) is a leading independent asset manager based in Spain, which has raised capital in excess of 6.5 billion since its inception in 2003 and currently manages an asset portfolio of over 5.5 billion.

Azora has traditionally focused on the hotel, residential, office and renewable energy sectors, and is currently developing new investment verticals in logistics, senior housing, data centers, agribusiness and infrastructure. Azora currently manages one of the largest portfolios of residential rental units, with more than 15,000 homes, and has recently launched one of the largest pan-European tourist hotel funds with an investment capacity of more than €1.8 billion. It currently manages investments, in addition to Spain, in Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, among other countries, and has entered the U.S. market.

About Latroupe, La Granja: Latroupe’s boutique hostels in Europe are more than the walls that support them, they are what you do and who you meet. Number 2 of Bilbao’s Plaza Circular is a special place. On its first floor, the mythical Café La Granja opened in 1926. It did it in art nouveau style, imitating the refined French cafés. It soon became the cultural epicenter of the city. Aware of the social importance of the place, Latroupe decided to keep the name and the spirit of this literary café when he settled in this building his new Hostel in the center of Bilbao.

The walls, the borders and even the name and the mythical awning have been restored to recover the spirit of Café La Granja, renew it and internationalize it, giving it a new impulse. The central location and the importance of the enclave make this a hostel with a local character, very neighborhood, very Basque. This is reflected in the building, built in 1891 by the Bilbao architect Severino Achúcarro. The interior design generates cozy spaces, closer to the warmth of a house than to the coldness of a hostel chain. The interior design refers to the contrast between the old and the new, the existing and the recovered, the classic and the industrial. The industrial Bilbao of the shipyards merges with the more traditional architecture, with rhythmic facades and colorful woodwork.